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The 100 Women Who Care Walla Walla Valley come to fruition in early 2018. Tera Davis, a local Walla Walla resident, had heard rumblings of these groups around the state. Upon further research she was able to see that not only it was a nationwide organization but it was also a hugely successful concept. Having spent years serving on local boards benefiting the community she realized there tended to be a gap in giving in the area. There were either large donations or grants being given or smaller individual donations - sometimes missing many organizations who do amazing things but don't have the resources to spread the word as to what they offer.

Each and every dollar given in this town is greatly appreciated and so very needed. This is simply another way that as a community we can come together and make a large impact.
Events are held twice a year. They are quite simple in concept with the goal being to have 100 people, each with one $100 check in hand, to donate to a non-profit selected by majority vote of those who have pledged to give their $100.

About Us


The 100 Women Who Care Walla Walla Valley is currently governed by a committee of the following individuals

Tera Davis 

Becky Waggoner-Schwartz 

Clare Capps

Emma Kubrock

Jodi Worden 

Ashley Rubon

Kate Van Cleve

Marissa Waddell

 Scooter Johnston

Elizabeth Bowen

Long Term Care